How to Learn French

How to Learn FrenchIf you are interested in how to learn French, then you better take a look at this.

French is a language spoken by approximately 175 million people in the world and although it has originated from France, 29 countries have officially declared French as their official language. It is also the second most taught language next to English.

An interested person who wants to know how to learn French should read through the following steps:

  1. Understand the tenses of verbs and how it is used in French grammar when constructing sentences.
  2. Buy a good French/English dictionary.
  3. Read in French
  4. Have conversations in French
  5. Study French with native French speakers
  6. Learn popular songs sang in French
  7. Pay attention during lessons
  8. Study diligently
  9. Understand that learning a new language takes full commitment
  10. Be patient and willing to learn

The above mentioned steps are the basic if you want to know how to learn French. It is important that you keep yourself motivated and eager to learn. A positive attitude in learning a new language is a good start. If you happen to know a native French speaker in your neighbourhood, then it will be an advantage to practice talking in French and apply whatever French knowledge you have acquired to see if you are saying it correctly.

You also have to set aside at least 15-30 minutes a day to be able to keep yourself updated of the self-lessons you have been keeping up with. A short time is much better than having no time at all. You always learn more if you dedicate yourself in learning for a couple of minutes a day than having to learn once a week or even once a month.

Keeping yourself interested in how to learn French will take you to higher levels of learning since a person who is highly interested and motivated will have speedy learning compared to those who are only trying hard to know how to learn French in order to appear cool.

As you talk, don’t speak so fast so that people will be able to understand you. Helpful tips from native speakers will enable you to know how to learn French even fast as well as conversing with them. If there aren’t any French native speakers available in your neighbourhood, then you can also try searching online for people who can speak fluently in French.

If you’re really eager to learn French then as the saying goes, Practice makes perfect.

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